It’s Never Too Late offers workshops, talks and one-to-one support to ‘women who are at a certain point in their life’ where they’re uncertain of their next step, something just doesn’t feel right, maybe they’ve have lost sight of their own unique identity or had their self-confidence knocked. I help these women to release the fears that are holding them back, to find their true selves and then pursue the goals that are right for them.

What I believe

I believe that one of the greatest regrets in life is not being who we really want to be or doing what we really want to do and just settling for ‘less than’ rather than simply being ourselves. We may not be able to rewrite history, but we can all start from now and make a brand new ending.

My story

To others it probably seemed as though I had everything going for me and yet I was battling to silence my inner critic: “I’m not good enough”, “I’m not slim enough”, “I don’t have time”, “I lack ambition and motivation”, “I’ve got too many responsibilities”, “It’s too late to change.” Sound familiar?

I started on my path as a wellbeing practitioner in 1992 but was repeatedly paralyzed by self-doubt and so kept deviating away from it.

It wasn’t until a crisis hit in 2010 and we lost our family business and income that I decided doing the work I was born to do was more important than the fear. About this same time I was introduced to EFT. This powerful energy therapy helped change my mindset beyond recognition and I now offer this complementary approach to my clients far and wide.

Before that

I’ve always enjoyed learning and have studied topics ranging from counselling, emotional therapy and nutrition through to spiritual awareness and Chinese medicine. I volunteered in a hospital oncology department offering treatment to radiotherapy patients for while and, as a family, we’ve hosted children deeply affected by the Chernobyl disaster over the years.

But enough about me

I’d love to know more about you. If you’re sensing there could be a fit here and you’re ready to be in touch, please contact me to arrange a free connecting conversation. Meanwhile, help yourself to the free resources and add your name to my mailing list for support to help you to define and then move in the direction of your dreams. (I hope you won’t want to but it’s easy to unsubscribe at any point).

Cut-and-paste Bio

Invited me to speak to your group or running a guest post from me? Feel free to cut and paste this bio:

Sue Baker wants to live in a world where women are supported to pursue the goals that are right for them. As a wellbeing practitioner working predominantly with energy therapies, Sue helps these women to unwrap their true selves and stop spinning their wheels in directions that don’t make sense.

When she’s not supporting clients to release the fears that are holding them back, you’ll find Sue with her nose in a book, painting for pleasure or walking her Golden Labrador around the Hampshire countryside where she lives with her husband. To discover how to start from now and make a brand new ending, visit Sue’s online home over at www.itsnevertoolate.co.uk