Change? It’s an inside job!

Did you know that most of the beliefs we hold about ourselves and the world around us come from our early years? From birth to about six years of age we are downloading information into our subconscious mind. This information creates the ‘programmes’ we run in our minds, our ‘scripts’. The beliefs we form about ourselves Continue reading »

Do you ever do a life audit?

What’s important to you? What values do you hold dear?   When I had a huge life changing event several years ago it felt as if my world, as I knew it, was imploding! This event triggered an episode of severe anxiety and panic attacks (A & E, tranquillizers, E.C.G. due to the effects of anxiety Continue reading »

Let go of the old and bring in the new!

As 2016 comes to a close, it’s important to take some time and reflect on the year that’s gone and look to the new year and what you would love to welcome into your life. So often in our busy lives, particularly at this festive time of year, we can overlook opportunities, miss out on taking Continue reading »

Are you feeling jolly or jaded?

Staying sane, calm and focussed during the run up to the Christmas festivities can be really challenging can’t it? We are bombarded by media images of perfect families and relationships along with the constant prompting to buy this or that as it will ‘make our Christmas perfect!’. It’s no wonder stress can take a hold on us. Continue reading »

My tiny teacher

So, who’d have thought a tiny little three year old could be such a brilliant teacher (and she’s no idea she’s teaching me anything)! She’s just herself; free, not at all self conscious; she’s curious; she’s funny and joyous; she has no hidden agenda and is oh so full of love. When she’s with me we have Continue reading »

What to do when someone really gets under your skin!

So, I had this situation, when someone I love was being treated very unfairly. My challenge came when I had to keep my cool and be objective in the face of interference from those who meant well but were just making matters worse. I was oh so tempted to rant back, to defend my loved one as Continue reading »

Do you limit yourself?

Do you have an inner knowing? That feeling deep within. That strong desire to be who you know deep down you already are but you can’t somehow bring her out into the light and let her be seen. It can be scary, being seen, speaking out and stepping into your power – allowing your light to shine brightly. Maybe you believe Continue reading »

Can you feel it?

Can you feel it? Can you feel the energy gently rising? That inner stirring that heralds Spring – that emergence of the new. An opportunity for us to begin anew – to make gentle changes emotionally and physically – go with the flow of Spring and you’ll find it supports you in making changes and Continue reading »

Why can it be so hard to follow your heart?

You’ve been feeling as though life is passing you by. There’s this thing that you’d really like to do, this change that you’d really like to make but it’s just not happening for you! You’ve reached ‘stalemate’ – you don’t want to stay stuck where you are but you just don’t know how to move forwards. Continue reading »