Is this you?

I used to believe that I was stuck with the anxiety that had almost overwhelmed me. I would observe other people and imagine how their lives were, picturing them having everything so sorted. They obviously had good jobs, wonderful relationships; were completely content with who they were; with loads of self confidence and self worth – Continue reading »

So, have you ever made one?

I’m talking Vision Boards here, they are such fun to create and really help you to focus on how you want your life to be. Lots of people use them as a way of really ‘seeing’ what they want. People such as Oprah and Jim Carey have used them to create the life they want. Continue reading »

Curious about EFT?

Maybe you’ve been struggling with anxiety, feeling fearful about life. You might be trying to deal with that awful inner feeling of not doing what you really want to do with your life because of the worrying, internal chatter. You would love things to be different and have tried lots of ways to achieve your Continue reading »

Matrix Reimprinting

When I first talked about this technique with people the first thing that seems to come to mind for them is the film ‘The Matrix’ which, for them conjured up images of men in black leather, danger and secret agents!! Now, I’ve never seen this film, so this was a revelation to me – and Continue reading »

Reiki – what is it?

I use various ways to support my clients through the challenges they face, Reiki is just one way and if you’d like to find out about the others just follow these links to EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, Reflexology. So just what is Reiki? (pronounced Ray-kee) Reiki is a holistic healing system using a universal energy source Continue reading »

Reflexology – let your feet tell the story!

Perhaps you would love some peaceful time, something to help restore your energy and rebalance your body Reflexology was what first started me on my path of being a practitioner. The ‘stories’ the feet could tell whilst we were training was fascinating. It’s a therapy that has existed for thousands of years, with illustrations of Continue reading »