Can you feel it?

Can you feel it?

Can you feel the energy gently rising?

That inner stirring that heralds Spring – that emergence of the new.

An opportunity for us to begin anew – to make gentle changes emotionally and physically – go with the flow of Spring and you’ll find it supports you in making changes and moving forward.

Traditionally we are encouraged to make changes in our lives in January as the year begins. In reality, Springtime is by far the best time for a ‘life audit’ – by harnessing the natural energy of Spring we will find it easier to embrace a new beginning.

• Do you have feelings of being stuck or unable to move forward?

• Do you get irritated regularly?

• Are you frequently feeling hung over or toxic?

• Do you suffer with sore, tired eyes or eye strain?

In Chinese Medicine each season has a specific message for us – there are specific emotions and physical traits for the season of Spring if we try to tune into the natural flow of the seasons our energy and health will benefit.

Detox is not just for the physical body, it is also a great time to clear our emotional clutter and release unwanted and limiting beliefs. Remember, when we clear what no longer serves us it leaves space for the new to come into our life.

The feeling of new energy calls us to invigorate our bodies and homes – then we match the new, fresh energy of the season.

This time of year is perfect for planning ahead, making new beginnings and letting go of that which no longer serves us. Spring really is about regeneration!  Setting goals and laying the foundations for a happier, healthier you.

If we feel we are emotionally and physically balanced we will enjoy good energy – it’s when there is a disruption in our bodies energy system that problems can arise.

So, if you’re feeling that you need to do a bit of a personal Spring clean – here are some tips:

  1. Spring is the perfect time to detox and clean up your act! Indulge in light, fresh spring vegetables, lots of endive, green leaves, lemons, carrots, radish, beetroot, leeks, green beans, parsley, watercress. Eat more brown (wholegrain) rice (it’s brilliant for ‘mopping up’ toxins), hummus, pumpkin and sunflower seeds. Home made juices and soups and plenty of fresh fruit. Spring vegetables should be raw or lightly cooked, stir frying is great for this. Reduce or eliminate dairy products, wheat and sugar.
  2. In Chinese Medicine Spring is attached to the Wood element – this focuses on the liver and gall bladder. To help support these organs, on waking take half the juice of a freshly squeezed lemon, top it up with a bit of warm water and take 2 teaspoons of olive oil with alternate sips of lemon juice. I will often do this for several days and use a drinking straw for the lemon juice in order to protect my teeth enamel.
  3. Dry skin brushing is brilliant to support any kind of cleanse. You’ll need a brush specific for this purpose – you brush the skin whilst it’s dry, before your bath or shower and use long, fairly vigorous (so the skin ‘pinks’ up) sweeping stokes, always in the direction of the heart. This is really great for getting the lymph fluid moving around the body which helps clear toxins.
  4. Exercise for the Spring – the following types of exercise are
    ideal for Springtime:
    any kind of gentle stretch – I thoroughly recommend Putkisto it’s the best stretch method I’ve come across, the flexibility and release it gives the body is wonderful. Body pump or a weight training regime, Yoga or T’ai Chi, squash or tennis.
  5. Last but by no means least – have an emotional clear out, let go of beliefs that no longer serve you, if you feel you have something you need to clear try EFT – as a holistic therapist for some 24 years, I haven’t come across anything as effective for clearing our emotional baggage than EFT – it’s effects are so powerful. My website has plenty of free content, demo videos, tapping point illustrations and scripts – all designed to help you get started.


I hope these various tips will be useful for you, you can do even more but these are a good start! If you have any questions, please either leave a comment below or feel free to email me.

I’d love to hear how you get on if you implement any of these or perhaps you already follow a similar regime in Spring. It’s so good to share how we find these processes and it’s good to support one another.

Photo credit: Joe Thomissen via / CC BY-ND
Photo credit: wmshc_kiwi via / CC BY-SA
Photo credit: Keith Allison via / CC BY-SA

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  • So many good ideas here – I must check out the Putkisto stretches (before I completely seize up!)… Interesting to note that recently I have been choosing many of the foods you mention here, too.
    Lizzie Carver recently posted…Flexibility is the keyMy Profile

    • I’m glad you found it useful Lizzie- great that what you’ve been choosing to eat works with the season!


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