Curious about EFT?

Maybe you’ve been struggling with anxiety, feeling fearful about life. You might be trying to deal with that awful inner feeling of not doing what you really want to do with your life because of the worrying, internal chatter. You would love things to be different and have tried lots of ways to achieve your goals and release the anxiety but to no avail.

I know just how you feel and it is so frustrating and confusing trying to find a solution. That was where I was some time ago until I found Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).
EFT or tapping as it is sometimes known is a form of the ever growing energy therapy techniques. In all the new research being carried out it is well recognised that as well as a physical body we also have an energy body. EFT is applied by tapping on a series of specific points, mostly on the head and upper body.

Karl Dawson is an EFT Master Practitioner and Matrix Reimprinting creator. Even Gary Craig, the founder of EFT will admit to having to have an open mind when you first try EFT. It can seem very odd at first but I have to say that in all my years as a wellbeing practitioner I haven’t come across anything that is so effective at resolving emotional and physical challenges.

I was first introduced to EFT some years ago and I must admit I was sceptical about its effectiveness. It wasn’t until I pursued it further and did a day workshop with Karl Dawson and experienced the amazing shifts in how I felt from just one day that I decided to train as a practitioner in this extraordinary therapy.

I use EFT daily for myself and I work with a practitioner for the ‘deeper’ stuff. EFT is an invaluable tool to use with my clients.

What can I expect during a session?

Your practitioner will explain what will happen, ask you specific questions to help to identify the areas that you would like some help with. You will be shown the tapping points and the practitioner will work along with you at all times. The words used when tapping will always be led by you, so for example if your issue were not feeling good enough, the practitioner would ask some gentle questions to establish what the feelings and memories are around your issue. We are all different and will all have different feelings and emotions as a result of our life experiences. So your EFT session will be unique to you! Within your session I will often use Matrix Reimprinting which is an EFT technique that really helps to release limiting beliefs and blocks.

How can EFT help me?

EFT can help you to work through emotional or physical challenges by helping to bring down the stress response in your body. It has been shown that tapping lowers our body’s cortisol levels and enables us to move into a more resourceful state – better able to deal with our feelings and memories. Many studies have been carried out as to the efficacy of EFT with very favourable results. It is used within the NHS in some areas. EFT has helped me to overcome so many of my fears and let go of the negative beliefs I was holding about myself.

So, how can tapping make a difference?

The EFT points that we use are situated along various meridians. Meridians are energy pathways that run throughout the body. These meridians are energy lines that have been recognised for thousands of years in Chinese Medicine and are also used in acupuncture. Different emotions and bodily systems are related to each meridian. A natural flow of energy needs to exist along these meridians in order to maintain a good physical and emotional balance within the body. When a disruption occurs in the body’s energy system we can become stressed and unwell.

EFT is safe for everyone as its non invasive and can also be used for self help between sessions. All you need is an open mind; the proof of EFT’s effectiveness comes with the results that are achieved from its application.

As we go through life we have a variety of different experiences and make memories from the things that happen and are said to us. It is the perception we have of these events and the decisions we make about ourselves as a result that are what can weigh us down. We can end up with a whole host of beliefs that can hold us back in life and cause us emotional and physical pain.

EFT can clear the unhelpful information that we have ‘downloaded’ through our lives allowing us to truly flourish and thrive and achieve our goals and ambitions. To be all we want to be.

If you think working in this way is something you’d like to explore drop me a line here and we can arrange a connecting conversation.