Do you limit yourself?

Do you have an inner knowing?

That feeling deep within.

That strong desire to be who you know deep down you already are but you can’t somehow bring her out into the light and let her be seen.

It can be scary, being seen, speaking out and stepping into your power – allowing your light to shine brightly.

Maybe you believe you’re not good enough and lack the self confidence to become who you really want to be.

Can you relate?

I used to be constantly searching for my true self, trying to find my purpose and wanting to feel fulfilled.

I have studied and read so many books on self development and personal growth!

Sometimes this was because of a very real desire to read the article or book and other times it was because I felt the words on the page might somehow give me the key, the answer to what I was searching for.

Then………one bright and wonderful experience helped me realise that the answers were really within me ; yes me, that person that I never fully trusted before because I felt I was somehow lacking, not quite enough!

Now I’m not saying that I now have all the answers but I am certainly so much more comfortable with me – and more fulfilled and confident.

How so?

I found EFT.

I know this might sound at best a bit evangelical and at worse a bit ‘salesy’. But I can only speak from my heart, and because it has been so life changing for me I just want to share it with others, so that they too can let go of their limiting beliefs and start that inner journey to fulfillment.

Since finding EFT my life has changed so much, in a good way.

I always knew I wanted my work to be about empowering other women but I just wasn’t clear on how I could make that a reality . But now I am.

If letting go of limiting beliefs is something you’d like to explore I’ve included a tapping script for you (you can always change words that don’t resonate with you.) Take a peek at the tapping demos on my website, they’re free and will help as a visual reminder of ‘how to tap’.

So here goes:

Karate chop point for the set up:

“Even though I lack self confidence I love and accept myself just as I am.”

“Even though I’m afraid of creating change within myself I completely accept myself just as I am.”  

“Even though I really would like to step into my own power, I’m scared to but I love and accept myself anyway.”

Below I’ve indicated where to tap and you can repeat the ’round’ more than once if you wish.

Top of head: “I wish I felt more fulfilled, comfortable being the me I really want to be.”

Eyebrow: “I’m not confident enough to make changes in my life.”

Side of eye: “I wish I felt more comfortable in my own skin.”

Under eye: “I know I have so much to offer but I’m scared to put myself out there.”

Under nose: “I don’t know how to let go of this fear.”

Under mouth: “I don’t want to stand out in case others judge me.”

Collarbone: “I feel scared of being my true self.”

Underarm: “I don’t want to be seen.”

Top of head: “I just feel lost at the moment.”

Eyebrow: “Maybe I should just stay put.”

Side of eye: “Who am I to think I can be special?”

Under eye: “But I know there is more to me than I currently show to the world.”

Under nose: “What if I felt safe being seen?”

Under mouth: “Maybe I can move forward.”

Collarbone: “Baby steps is how to do it.”

Underarm: “I choose to start the process of change, to feel more confident and at ease with who I am.” 

I would love to know how you get on with this tapping round, it would great to have your feedback and if you know someone this might help please feel free to share it.


Photo credit: Sgrk via / CC BY-NC-ND
Photo credit: Twistiti via / CC BY-NC

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