Do you ever do a life audit?

What’s important to you?

What values do you hold dear?


When I had a huge life changing event several years ago it felt as if my world, as I knew it, was imploding!

This event triggered an episode of severe anxiety and panic attacks (A & E, tranquillizers, E.C.G. due to the effects of anxiety on my heart) and in the moment I really thought I’d never get through it.

But now I look upon that life change as a huge gift!

As traumatic as it was at the time I have come out of it stronger and with a clearer view as to what really matters in life.

It showed me what’s important and I became stronger (that saying, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”, has an element of truth in it!).

It forced change upon me, having to start over and rebuild – but I see now that the Universe was kind of pushing me to get back on the path I feel I was always meant to follow, but I’d got stuck on a path that didn’t really work for me, it just didn’t fit my values and that which I hold dear.

The change was uncomfortable and I certainly wish I’d had the knowledge then that I have now about EFT and Matrix Reimprinting as that would have made a huge difference.

However, I accept that my journey happened just as it was supposed to.

As I started to heal and come through this I began to see that the Universe really did have my back (although at the time it didn’t feel that way). This trauma opened up so many opportunities for me and bit by bit my new beginning really got under way. The help I needed just began unfolding. Once I felt stronger I felt able to take inspired action as each opportunity unfolded.

One of the really positive outcomes for me, was that it made me re-evaluate what’s important to me.

I’m sharing this experience as I’d love for you to be living a life you love and not just settling or getting swept up in an experience of life that doesn’t quite fit.

These days we are bombarded by images and words in the media that are trying to convince us of what we need in our lives. It’s so easy to get swept up and believe the hype.

To feel ‘less than’ if our lives don’t match the media story.

I know people who are working all the hours they can just to sustain the life style they believe will make them feel good. Following a path that was expected of them – often a path they were steered along by someone else.They miss out on time with family and friends as they’re often busy working or too tired to engage with others.

For some folks, the need to accumulate “stuff”, as a way of validating themselves, is a belief they’ve downloaded; seeing it as somehow proving they’re successful. The flash car, big house, fancy clothes, expensive restaurants and glamorous holidays all support this.

Now I’m not saying for a minute there’s anything wrong with enjoying the good things life has to offer BUT ….. just not at the expense of being comfortable with your life and who you are. It’s just when the money, the success or the acclaim becomes the most important thing it can feel hollow.

(It’s interesting, when we live a different and perhaps more simple life we don’t need so much money to support us anyway, so we can work less or smarter).

Finding a life that really fits who you feel you are deep down is liberating, joyful and oh so possible for us all. After all, we are the creators of our lives, we can be really powerful manifestors when we’re in alignment with what really makes our heart sing. We are often unconsciously creating so that’s another good reason to be clear on what you really want.

Doing a bit of an audit of your life can help put things into perspective.

There’s so much to value in life that’s available to everyone.

That random act of kindness for another person without expecting anything in return (research shows that kindness and giving is as good for the person doing the giving as it is for the recipient).

Taking time to be mindful and really be in the moment. Everyone can find time to meditate and create a calm space in their mind.

Getting out in nature, really appreciating all the wonderful things around us.

Our relationships (the good ones that is!). Making time for people. We are wired in such a way that being with people we have a really positive connection with, feeds our spirit and nurtures our soul.

So if something feels out of sync for you, I would really invite you to take stock, focus on what you would love to be doing, how you’d really love to be living your life and make those changes.

I know that can feel scary at first, but baby steps can start your new journey – sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. There are times when we just have to ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’!

Using tapping (EFT) can really help you cope with change and also with creating a new vision of how you’d like your life to be.

If this is something you’d like to explore we can always connect for a free chat and take it from there.

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