Work With Me

Tired of feeling stuck?

When you know you’re making the best of the rest of your life, there’s a deep sense of peace and of gratitude. Life experience affords you a certain perspective, a gift of knowing, and life becomes more precious. You become creative in ways you hadn’t deemed possible in your youth and increasingly comfortable in your own skin.

But what if right now the opposite feels true for you?

Maybe you have a sense that there must be more to life than this, that you’re not supposed to be feeling this unfulfilled, disillusioned and envious of your peers. If only you could muster the confidence to start living life on your own terms, tear off the mask and get clear about the goals that are right for you.

Can you relate?

Hi. I’m Sue …

I’m a wellbeing and energy practitioner and I started out on this path over 25 years ago. But my greatest claim to credibility with you (I believe) is that I’ve successfully navigated from trauma and debilitating self-talk to a willingness to show up and be available for life and all its precious opportunities.

Perhaps you’ve found your way here because you want to feel happier, more fulfilled and at peace with yourself and your life. And if that’s you, I can help ~ because it’s exactly how I go about things around here.

Next steps

If this sounds like you and you think there’s a fit, explore how I work one-to-one with the physical body as well as the energy body and offer talks and host workshops for mature women.

If you’re new to my world, you can become familiar with my work and my philosophy by checking out the free resources. And if you have mixed feelings or I’m just not the right fit, give me a miss.

Please trust your intuition.

Either way, I wish you well.