Emotional Freedom Technique (aka tapping)

People often ask me “How many sessions will I need?”

“How often do I need to tap”?

“How long before I get the results I want?”

They are all really good questions, but these questions can be hard to answer.

Not because I’m being evasive, but because we are all different.

We have different needs; different life experiences with different goals and objectives. Some of us have lots of issues we’d like to clear whilst for others it may be less.

When someone first contacts me, we arrange to have an in depth chat (which is free) so we can establish what’s needed for them. Usually, people will need several sessions………..

Imagine, you’ve gone to the gym for a session with a personal trainer, he/she is going to write you a programme and help you achieve your fitness goals. But this won’t happen in just one session, the more time and value you give to your training the better results you’ll get.

EFT is much the same. When I work with someone we have our one to one sessions and I will always give homework (home play) to do between sessions. There are usually many aspects to the problem being experienced and this can take time to work through.

When the initial problem has been worked through I find people often like to carry on with one to one sessions but on, say a monthly basis. There is no set format, just a pattern and a way of working that suits you.

Having said all this, very occasionally one session may be all that’s needed or maybe a single session can be used as an introduction to EFT and reveal it’s capabilities to you.

A single session lasts 75 minutes.

Ready to be in touch? Please contact me to arrange a connecting conversation. This call is to help you get clarity and it’s totally free of charge. I won’t sell to you but I will tell you if I think I can help. And if I feel my services aren’t a good fit then I’ll be honest about that too.