From overwhelm and fear to clarity and confidence

Your first step to making the best of the rest of your life

This programme is will help you find fulfillment, help you explore what is stopping you from moving forward and starting to unravel those disruptive negative beliefs.

  • You will gain insight into what is holding you back
  • You will clear the blocks to moving forward
  • Your confidence will improve
  • You will start to see the possibilities life has for you
  • You will feel better able to cope
  • You will start to feel there is ‘light at the end of the tunnel’

It is a bespoke blend of one-to-one EFT, coaching and counselling sessions via Skype or Zoom. A precious opportunity to begin to release all the ‘stuff’ that is keeping you stuck, to start to get clear about what you really want and start your journey towards a brand new ending.

‘From Overwhelm and Fear to Clarity and Confidence’

It is difficult to be able to predict how many sessions will be needed, we are all individual as are our needs.

I find most people start with a package of six sessions and then follow through with a pattern of frequency that suits their situation, which might be fortnightly, monthly or less frequent


Ready to be in touch? Please contact me to arrange a connecting conversation. This call is to help you get clarity and it’s totally free of charge.

I won’t sell to you but I will tell you if I think I can help. And if I feel my services aren’t a good fit then I’ll be honest about that too.