Matrix Reimprinting

When I first talked about this technique with people the first thing that seems to come to mind for them is the film ‘The Matrix’ which, for them conjured up images of men in black leather, danger and secret agents!! Now, I’ve never seen this film, so this was a revelation to me – and this most certainly is NOT was Matrix Reimprinting is about!

Whilst EFT is at the core of Matrix Reimprinting and is still the technique that we use to work on the traumatic memories and feelings Matrix Reimprinting offers us the opportunity to really ‘reimprint’ a certain memory or experience. Of course, we can’t change something that has already happened, but we can change the way it impacts our lives and heal the beliefs and decisions we made as a result of that that memory or event.

So what is Matrix Reimprinting then?

It’s an energy-based technique created by Hay House author, Karl Dawson, who is an EFT Master.

It’s based on the belief, in Quantum Physics, that past, present and future are all interconnected. What has happened to us in the past affects how we interact with the world and live our lives now, right? So if we can revisit our memories/experiences in the Matrix or the Field, as it is sometimes called, we can change how those experiences and memories are affecting us now.

We visit our memories in the Matrix a bit like seeing that memory in our minds eye, remembering the people there, the colours, our feelings etc. And it is in this ‘field/matrix’ that we can work on our past selves by using the technique of EFT.

Sounds a bit bonkers, I know, but it is a very positive and powerful technique that can deal with all the negative stuff you may have downloaded through your life.

You will never be asked to visit a memory or experience you don’t want to. And as practitioners we have the skills to make working on something that was very painful and difficult at the time and is still awful to think about, something that you will be able to do, with the support you’ll receive whilst the process is happening.

Clearing the dross!

In my own experience and that of my clients, the effects of clearing and healing these memories in our energy field is liberating and empowering.

During a session, once we have established what we are working on and the associated memory, we would use that memory as though it were a play that you were watching in your mind. Working with a memory in this way enables you to have full control over what is happening within the memory.

When you have the memory in your minds’ eye you will use tapping in the memory and I will tap on you at the same time. This way EFT can clear and heal ‘old stuff’, things that are in the past, but that still need healing, to enable you to change the way you feel about what happened.

I use a number of different techniques in my work and have written this post as one in a series to offer some information as to how I work with my clients. Also in this series are EFT, Reflexology and Reiki.

If this post has made you curious and you would like to find out how we could work together to help you, then just drop me a line here and we could arrange a free connecting conversation.