What to do when someone really gets under your skin!

So, I had this situation, when someone I love was being treated very unfairly.

My challenge came when I had to keep my cool and be objective in the face of interference from those who meant well but were just making matters worse.

I was oh so tempted to rant back, to defend my loved one as I know the truth in this situation.

It took all my strength not to and instead I took the following action ………..

Giving myself self space and a different perspective was so empowering.

Although initially that was the last thing I felt like doing, my mind was creating all these different scenarios.

I was totally overthinking things – all these ‘what ifs’ where scrambling my brain!

Then…………relief………….I let my fingers tap away these thoughts, beliefs and feelings and I gained clarity and calm.

Sometimes we forget the steps we can take to help ourselves…..

It’s curious, I have this fantastic tool in EFT and also Matrix Reimprinting but when stressed I sometimes forget to use it straight away. But this time I was so frustrated that I used EFT repeatedly to try to clear my frustration, anger, disappointment, anxiety and all the other difficult feelings that were bubbling to the surface.

And you know what, it worked!

I know logically that EFT can help us deal with so many difficult beliefs and feelings. It was just that, when in such an emotional state, I wasn’t thinking clearly – but once I started tapping I felt calmer, had more clarity around the situation and instead of the frustration I could start to see how I wouldn’t help my loved one at all being in that mindset but that by regaining my calm I could be much more objective and helpful!

Once I was much calmer and clearer I decided to sleep on what action (if any) I might take. The old adage that things look different in the morning is actually true, getting a good nights sleep and reflecting is the way to go!

I couldn’t have taken this route without clearing all my frustrations though.

Talking it through………

I also took counsel with a very good, trusted friend. You know the kind that listens and gives advice that’s not emotionally charged. It’s so helpful being listened to in a non judgemental way and being given a real feeling of support and acceptance.

Write a letter you don’t send……….

This person had really pushed all my buttons, so I did some written work and wrote a letter I never intend to send.

It’s so cathartic allowing the words to just tumble forth, no editing, no being selective – just getting it all out – having the rant I would like to have had with them.

But this way I could vent my spleen without recourse or repercussions. (If you burn the letter this adds to the clearing process!)

Working in the energy field………

I’d been writing this piece over several days and during this time I did some work in the Matrix (aka our energy field). When you work in this way you can have conversations and resolutions with the people involved, you can go backwards and forwards in time, whatever you need to do!

Well, this work is extraordinary……..following the work I did in the Matrix (Matrix Reimprinting is an EFT technique) much change happened for the best.

The energy of those involved settled and some great conversations were had and healing started to become possible.

It’s great to have these tools at my disposal and all of them can be available to anyone 🙂

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